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Chris Johnson Kris_Johnson at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 14 05:25:40 GMT 2002

>I'm working with Tom to see whether LaBrea can be installed on the
>bastion host as a TCP server rather than on a standalone tarpit box as a
>virtual host. I'd rather run it on my outer firewall and redirect scans
>to it, and not let the traffic onto my boundary network at all...

I investigated setting up a tar pit on my private little PC, but not only 
does LaBrea not work over PPP, but Zone Alarm already places unused ports 
in a "stealth" mode -- meaning that a port scan returns *nothing*, as if 
the machine doesn't exist.  This, it turns out, takes substantially longer 
to resolve than a "denied" message and as such slows things down by a 
factor of 10 or more.  Maybe there's a Linux utility that does a similar 
thing.  Personally, I'd rather slow people down by being invisible than 
tempt a DDOS with something like LaBrea.

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