[Dshield] yea LaBrea must have moved

Richard Staed richard.stead at bigpond.com
Thu Mar 14 12:43:28 GMT 2002

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> Please tell me.....Can I run this on my Win2000 workstation??   I
> the Windows version but not sure about running on my home machine.  I also
> am using ZoneAlarm on the same box.  Will it affect anything or will it
> work at all with a Home box w/ZA installed??

I have just installed it on my W2K Box which is running ZA Pro V3.0. The
install was almost too easy, if you know what I mean, anyway it is all
working fine. For those who are interested, ZA Pro 3.0 has offered no
problems and I must say it provides a much better feel of control.

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