[Dshield] Crack the code and win a brand new Ferrari 360 Challenge...

Peter Street peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk
Thu Mar 14 22:10:14 GMT 2002

> From: Jim Tagart, 14 March 2002 17:41
> No this is not an ad,
> just thought some on this list might enjoy this,
> http://www.meganet.com/challenges/ferrari/ferrari.htm
> I've never heard of VME (Virtual Matrix Encryption) before seeing that
> challenge above,
> http://www.meganet.com/Products/default.htm
> Is anyone using VME?
> Jim 

Bleeding hell... 1024 bit encryption is tough... 1Mbit encryption is

Hells bells... they sure know they ain't giving out that Ferrari...

And, no - I'd never heard of VME up until now.  It's something that's
worth looking in to though - although a 1Mbit encryption signature is a
hell of a thing to tag on to your e-mails... :D

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