[Dshield] Re: Re: picnicking under flypaper

Chris Johnson Kris_Johnson at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 15 05:09:29 GMT 2002

>     In other words: I don't understand your concern that you will invite a
>DDOS attack upon yourself, nor your statement that being in stealth mode
>took longer for each connection than creating an incomplete handshake;
>could you clarify this, please?

I mean that never answering a SYN means that the initiating PC has to wait 
for a timeout, compared to the proper etiquette of a formal "denied" 
message.  I didn't mean that stealth mode slows things down more than a tar 

All I'm saying is that after doing a bit of research I realised that Zone 
Alarm is better than nothing, even if it isn't anywhere near 
LaBrea.  Especially for the paranoid.


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