[Dshield] Crack the code and win a brand new Ferrari 360 Challenge...

Stephane Nasdrovisky stephane.nasdrovisky at uniway.be
Fri Mar 15 08:42:13 GMT 2002

The price of a ferrari compared to the price of proofing how hard the algorithm is to break is low.
Furthermore, they did not publish (I surfed a little on their mostly marketing-bulshit site) the algorithm
behind the patented method. Cryptanalisys of the algorithms is thus impossible.

They claim the only way to break the algorithm is brute-force attack, which is blatantly false: if their
claim where true, it would mean there is a -proof- that NP-hard problems have no polynomial solution. The
fact that we don't know any such solution do not mean there are none, it means we are unable to tell if
there is or if there is no such solution. Mathematicians are trying to proof this (or the opposite) for
centuries without success ...

It seems the method lacks a protocol for exchanging (and storing) these 1mbit keys. The major security
concern in 3des or AES-256 is not the crypt algorithm itself, but the way the symetric key have to be
transmitted and the peer trusted. The current focus in cryptology is now asymetric algorithms: all I know
about this topic is there is a promising 'eliptic' thing that could replace the current
exponent/modulo-groups based systems.

Obscurity and marketing non-sense do not help in anyway security.

Peter Street wrote:

> > From: Jim Tagart, 14 March 2002 17:41
> >
> > No this is not an ad,
> > just thought some on this list might enjoy this,
> > http://www.meganet.com/challenges/ferrari/ferrari.htm
> >
> > I've never heard of VME (Virtual Matrix Encryption) before seeing that
> > challenge above,
> > http://www.meganet.com/Products/default.htm
> >
> > Is anyone using VME?
> > Jim
> Bleeding hell... 1024 bit encryption is tough... 1Mbit encryption is
> unbreakable!
> Hells bells... they sure know they ain't giving out that Ferrari...
> And, no - I'd never heard of VME up until now.  It's something that's
> worth looking in to though - although a 1Mbit encryption signature is a
> hell of a thing to tag on to your e-mails... :D
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