[Dshield] Crack the code and win a brand new Ferrari 360 Challenge...

Mathias Schindler presroi at presroi.de
Fri Mar 15 09:01:12 GMT 2002

> Peter Street

Hi Peter,

> > Bleeding hell... 1024 bit encryption is tough... 1Mbit 
> encryption is unbreakable!

Crap! 1Mbit is a useless information if you compare different

> Hells bells... they sure know they ain't giving out that Ferrari...

I doubt they are able to afford one.

> And, no - I'd never heard of VME up until now.  It's 
> something that's worth looking in to though - although a 
> 1Mbit encryption signature is a hell of a thing to tag on to 
> your e-mails... :D

I had a 5 minutes check on their homepage an it's even worse than I
thought. On a Richter scale of massive usage of nonsense words, this has
been more than a 8,0. We all know that OTP should be perfect, there's
only one small problem: How do you transport the password itself? You
transfer the problem, you don't solve it. If the product is as bad as
the explaination on their homepage, they are selling a fake product.
OTOH, beside their weird story to use an OTP, they also claim to keep
the method (and some other things) itself secret. At this point, I
closed my browser.

Mathias Schindler

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