[Dshield] Email Submission Question.

Wayne Larmon wlarmon at dshield.org
Sun Mar 17 13:50:55 GMT 2002

> >Thanks,
> >
> >I will have my Set my options to either Hourly or Daily.
> >
> How could i do this, i found just the possibility to send the report
> automatically once every 6 hours.

I assume you are using VisualZone?  When Rob Vandenberg was adding DShield
support to VisualZone he wrote us and asked what did we consider the best
interval for submission.   We told him "six hours," so this is what he

The instructions, above, were meant for users of other clients that are
typically run by the system scheduler (Task Scheduler for Windows; cron for
*NIXish systems), where you specify how often you want to submit logs.  You
don't need to worry about that for VisualZone.

Wayne Larmon
wlarmon at dshield.org

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