[Dshield] Possible Virus......??

James Jarvis james.jarvis at quest-media.com
Mon Mar 18 10:37:17 GMT 2002

Hi there,

One of my colleagues received an email from test at test.com.tw when the email
was opened it launhed a web-site and commenced downloading a file - It
didn't display the name of the file, and the download was cancelled before
it was able to continue. I checked the source of the email (It was in HTML)
and it pointed to a site called callin.net. The remainder of the email was
all in stragnge random characters, and there was a type of form at the base
of the email.

I ran a virus scan on the computer (McCafee) and it didn't find anything
unusual. Does anyone have any thoughts? It may be completely harmless, but I
am not a fan of executable emails. Was thinking of sending the URL to
McCaffee suport, for them to investigate.


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