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Mon Mar 18 14:28:09 GMT 2002

When I attended a SANS conference last year, Stephen Norhtcut and Gene Kim discussed this very
topic.  Stephen had mentioned that he had ZA and Blackice and that they both caught different
types of attacks and such.  Now I know htat one is an IDS and another is a Firewall, but the fact
is that layered security is the best.  Do you really need 3?  I dont think so, but after a week of
examing, I think you will find that they each work on catching specific attakcs and scans.

I have also done soe light research on the XP firewall, and found it to be pretty impresive for MS
frist try.  The only hangups I see that is with default activation, it will not allow file sharing
or MAPI email.  But you can configure this.  And the other complaint I hear the most is that it
doesnt monitor outbound traffic.  To me, I dont care about this at home.  If I am a company, I do
care and wouldnt use the XP firewall anyway due to remote management non-existent.


--- Rick Rowerdink <transrep at adelphia.net> wrote:
> When I got my new computer, ten minutes after the cable modem installer lef=
> t I smartly installed ZA and Norton, then activated the IF in XP, half expe=
> cting a conflict.  They seem to work smoothly together - but it bodes the q=
> uestion, are there really any advantages to a layered firewall system or is=
>  this just intangible redundancy? Any views on this, or the XP's IF in gene=
> ral?  Thanks, Rick.
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