[Dshield] Quiet secure mailbox

Stephane Grobety security at admin.fulgan.com
Mon Mar 18 16:20:11 GMT 2002

BS> Susan (or anyone), am I completely misunderstand what you're saying?  Or
BS> is it possible that I have damaged boot records somewhere on my network
BS> and just don't know it?

Well, I have the same interrogation as you here: I just plain don't
understand what Susan meant. To me, either it's a troll, or there is
something I didn't get in this message. Please allow me to sum up what
I just don't get:

1/ There seems to be a mixture of "securing a mail server" (I presume
that's a SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 server) and "securing a windows server" witch
are two rather different things (one being  an application, the other
being an OS).

2/ There is a lake of factual information: we're being told that
windows in impossible to "secure" without no definition of what
"securing" it against nor what tool/software where used (if any).

3/ I see no explanation why one should start over everytime with
windows while you don't have in Linux.

4/ I can't quite figure out what the author mens by "Mailbox".
Sometimes it seems to designate a machine, sometimes a service and it
seems never to be used in it's original sense (distinct logical mail

5/ No matter how often I read this mail, I can't find any actual
facts. Only references to pretty subjective problems. What was the
purpose ?

Could the author please clarify his/her message ?? Some contextual and
factual informations would be welcome in trying to figure out what it


Best regards,
 Stephane                            mailto:security at admin.fulgan.com

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