[Dshield] Back to Multiple Firewalls

Rick Rowerdink transrep at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 18 16:47:31 GMT 2002

O.K., that's one for and one against Multiple Firewalls. XP does create nice
black holes and acknowledge the outbound problem - but ZA takes care of
that.  It passed four independent audits and Gibson's Leak Test. If it ain't
broke - don't fix it they say...just wondered XP or ZA augmented each
other - no effect, or possible risk effect with both. (I doubt ZA could be
augmented). A paid SecureSafe audit described a low risk "tracer route"
vulnerability (I doubt any risk) but don't see a way around that without
using a proxy or browser like Opera.  Since I have a tie going - need one
more vote.  Thanks.
Rick Rowerdink

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