[Dshield] its trojan city.

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Mon Mar 18 18:02:27 GMT 2002

Welcome to trojan city James. No it's not a virus, its a program. Set 
your mailbox properties to "Restricted Sites zone" and don't use the 
preview pane. Then pray. Because windows doesn't always respect the 
rules you set for it has been my experience. If your computer boots up 
real slow now you're probably set for life... low level format can 
sometimes help. I would stay offline completely with that machine now, 
you'll be downloading all day and won't even know it. They used to 
replace all my windows system files with trojan copies. insane.

 >>>Hi there,

One of my colleagues received an email from test at test.com.tw when the email
was opened it launhed a web-site and commenced downloading a file - It
didn't display the name of the file, and the download was cancelled before
it was able to continue. I checked the source of the email (It was in HTML)
and it pointed to a site called callin.net. The remainder of the email was
all in stragnge random characters, and there was a type of form at the base
of the email.

I ran a virus scan on the computer (McCafee) and it didn't find anything
unusual. Does anyone have any thoughts? It may be completely harmless, but I
am not a fan of executable emails. Was thinking of sending the URL to
McCaffee suport, for them to investigate.



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