[Dshield] Email Submission Question.

Daniel Wintersdorf Danielwintersdorf at gmx.net
Mon Mar 18 15:55:27 GMT 2002

Am Sun, 17 Mar 2002 08:50:55 -0500, schrieb "Wayne Larmon"
<wlarmon at dshield.org> in  dshield.org :


>I assume you are using VisualZone? 

Sorry i didn't tell you what program i use as i thought VisualZone is
the only tool working with Dshield

> When Rob Vandenberg was adding DShield
>support to VisualZone he wrote us and asked what did we consider the best
>interval for submission.   We told him "six hours," so this is what he
Ok so i think that 6 hours would be ok.

>The instructions, above, were meant for users of other clients that are
>typically run by the system scheduler (Task Scheduler for Windows; cron for
>*NIXish systems), where you specify how often you want to submit logs.  You
>don't need to worry about that for VisualZone.

Is there a site i could find informations about other tools or should
i just "google" for info?


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