[Dshield] dialup?

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Tue Mar 19 03:01:20 GMT 2002

We're not a dialup. The modem is not part of the computer. Its always 
maintaining a connection. here I was having a discussion about routers 
where does that fit into a dialup... well anyway life is fun. We're 
ready to start making that modem snort here... never mind me.


To: list at dshield.org From: Neil Richardson <neilr at ieee.org> Subject: Re: 
[Dshield] no its a standalone pound too. Reply-To: list at dshield.org At 
10:13 AM 3/18/2002, you wrote:

 >No we're notmisconfigured. You can unhook everything from the modem 
and it
 >still gets pounded believe me I have check all bases by now. At first I
 >thought that too, I always check my own junk before bothering with 
 >elses.... least i know what i think i may have... heh its a solid 
place to

Please clarify: are you saying that if it's removed from the internet
it still gets "pounded"?  How can it get pounded if there is no internet
connection to access it?


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