[Dshield] yyyyyyyyy me?

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Tue Mar 19 03:24:22 GMT 2002

Instead of asking me you can go here to verify the accounts of others also:
http://www.hackerwhacker.com , lots of good links there.

You should come over Neil I can show you a computer with a damaged boot 
record that runs beautifully. I don't feel like fixing it. They use 
macros Niel, they're educated. Mysterious partitions and loss of disk 
space are a common problem.

Yes that's true Scandisk will find it if it can run properly. Norton 
Disk Dr is good too I thought. Finds that damaged boot record every time 
she boots up. I made the mistake of trying to fix that one bug once and 
it wouldn't boot at all. I have no idea whats in there it was a brand 
new harddrive too. Ive tried sys C: on it the whole bit. well it runs 
fine the kids can play with it I guess.

Some type of virus out there I don't know what it is but it makes a hole 
or something in the secyors of the drive and moves the partion 
informartion from the first sector somewhere else, who knows what else 
it does. I do know I'm tired of dealing with it. My brother works for 
the state of Florida as network technician or something, he has 
confirmed it also.

A low level format will sometimes help but the hole in the disk sectors 
can even muss that up it seems. on my disk it'll show up as ACSII char 
#98 kind of like this 
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy then it'll start showing up in 
sytem files which is why I had to start deleting dlls, getting rid of 
shscrp.dll stops the active x process from completeing, still that's no 
guarantee if someone has access to your system...

anyway I use an older disk that had that problem for linux now, it was 
linux that found the hole when i first tried to install it, so I used 
Norton Utilities disk editor to pin down major blocks of 
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on the disk, came yup you guessed it upon a 
big hole in the disk holding that info, marked it with 0's, low level 
formatted it and then reinstalled everything. That worked but it was 
some chore. that disk is perfectly fine now.

Essentially that would be the whole point. you cannot write 
miscellaneous info to linux root unless of course you can #1: -penetrate 
my firewall then #2 crack root's password , in which case you're a 
millionaire because I have MD5 on this system and very very long passwords.

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3/18/2002, you wrote:

 >Yes you can have damaged boot records and not even know it.

True, but if you run scandisk you'll discover it.

 > They can boot you into a subsystem type area that runs as normal as your
 > normal win setup.

If the boot record is damaged, how can it be counted on to do anything?

 > But copies everything to another partition with .* files you cannot see
 > on windows.

I don't understand this sentence at all:
        1) Windows, by default, only creates one partition on the local 
        2) What are ".* files you cannot see on windows"?

 >If I didn't build websites myself and have a bit of experience prior I
 >would have never noticed the teeny 1 pix windows opening up that were
 >shipping our mail around the world.

1) I don't recall hearing about this bug: a 1 pixel window that
forwards mail?  What operating system and e-mail client were in use?

-Neil R.


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