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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Tue Mar 19 04:02:41 GMT 2002

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 I feel it is about time to post some of the basic rules
again. The list got a bit agressive over the last couple days:

- - be polite. We have a wide range of skils on this list. Try 
  to be a patient mentor. If you feel that you don't get
  through, give up and don't try to 'pound it in' ;-)

- - quote selectively. If you subscribe to the digest, only
  quote the message that corresponds to your post and adjust
  the subject.

- - if you feel that a user violates these rules, let me know
  or let the user know. But you don't have to share your
  anger with the list.

I will be rejecting a few more posts than I would usually
until things calm down. I hope not to offend anybody by 
rejecting a post. My overall rules: If you feel strongly
about your opinion, and I reject it: repost it again with a
quick note that I rejected it the first time and I will 
let it go through.

The mailing list we use does not give me the ability to anotate messages. 



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