[Dshield] Quiet secure mailbox

van Niekerk Niel nielvanniekerk at oldmutual.com
Tue Mar 19 06:59:57 GMT 2002

Hi Bob, Susan,

Bob wrote:
>However, I'm really confused about Susan's message here.

Unless Susan can show that the damaged boot record was due to an outside
factor I think it is due to:
>I bought/downloaded every software imaginable to attempt it.I tweaked and 
>tweaked. I crippled parts of the system to make it less vulnerable etc 
>etc etc (removed lots of communication junk, tinkered with the registry 
>etc took out schscrp.dlls conf. dlls all that).

And while I agree with Susan that a Linux box can probably provide better
security than windows (mainly due to the modularity of that OS) Open BSD can
provide even better security.
However I disagree with Susan that a NT/Win2K box cannot be secured, yes it
is a bit of trouble, but so is recompiling the Linux kernel to get rid of
the zlib vulnerabilities... and I wouldn't experiment on a production box,
but this is true regardless of the OS.

Finally as always, security is not a project, but a process...

Just my 2c worth here (South African 2c = 0.18c US).

Niel van Niekerk


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