[Dshield] Mac.dll and what else is captured

James Schuneman jschunem at webfocus.com
Tue Mar 19 14:16:25 GMT 2002


you keep on changing the Subject line on Every E-mail. Why?

I would like to follow a Subject Thread but when you change the Subject 
line it does make it harder.



At 01:41 AM 3/19/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Well there's your proof.
> >>[p align=center][iFrame src="http://24k.com.tw/hotrank2.asp" width=0 
> height=0 scolling="NO" border="0"]
> >>[p align=center][iFrame src="http://att.com.tw/hotrank.asp" width=0 
> height=0 scolling="NO" border="0"]
> >>[p align=center][iFrame src="http://www.everup.com.tw/ppager" width=0 
> height=0 scolling="NO" border="0"]
> >>It's an iframe deal connecting to seveal web sites in Taiwan.
>Ever wonder what asp is iframing besides email addresses Mac.dll? What 
>good is a 0 px window anyway?
>A possible purely open and shut executable case.
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