[Dshield] "Always On" Connections

Hank hank at panamahank.com
Tue Mar 19 23:29:43 GMT 2002

"This is particularily more the case with cable modems and DSL connections 
that are always on."

I use ADSL and simply shut down my NIC card if I will be away from the 
computer for a while but don't want to shut the computer down. Since some of 
you may be Linux users who, like me, aren't experts, here's how;

>From a command prompt, enter "ifdown eth0" (or whichever NIC is connected to 
your ADSL modem) to bring it back up, type "ifup eth0". You have to have root 
privilege to do this, but it's better than leaving your computer vulnerable. 
I have also noticed a small glitch with Mandrake 8.1. Frequently, disabling 
eth0 also disables eth1, so my network goes down and I may have to bring eth1 
back up as well. My network is very lightly used, so this is not a problem 
for me.


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