[Dshield] Quiet secure mailbox

van Niekerk Niel nielvanniekerk at oldmutual.com
Wed Mar 20 09:16:48 GMT 2002


I think you misread the statement, unless you meant to say you agree with
the comment...

Read it again in context and you'll see that I am saying I *disagree* with
Susan's comments that a NT/w2k *cannot* be secured.


>> However I disagree with Susan that a NT/Win2K box cannot be secured, yes
>> is a bit of trouble, but so is recompiling the Linux kernel to get rid of
>> the zlib vulnerabilities... and I wouldn't experiment on a production
>> but this is true regardless of the OS.

>I also totally disagree with this comment.  In fact, the level of secure OS
is based ont he admin
>that performs it.  If I take one of my unix admins and one of my NT admins,
and give them both, a
>unix and windows 2000 server, guess which one will have the tightest unix
box, and which one will
>have the tightest Windows 2000 box.  

>There is no such thing as a totally secure computer unless its unplugged.
So please stop
>preaching about how bad windows is.  If its so bad, then why would so many
people use it???



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