[Dshield] yyyyyyyyy me?

Richard Stead richard.stead at bigpond.com
Wed Mar 20 10:42:05 GMT 2002

It was my assumption that the hole idea of this forum was to share
information to improve knowledge. It's not about weather the information on
a home PC is worth anything more or less than that of the corporate data;
moreover, the processes that you use to secure that environment and the
layers you implement regardless.
I would hope that most people are a little wiser than what you may have been
trying to imply.

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> .  MD5 password are relatively secure (I say "relatively" as
> > with enough time and CPU power most any password can be brute-forced.)
> I guess I would ask yourselves, do you have anything worht wasting a
hackers time and resources
> over?  I mean, most peoples home computers are not a target of a well
funded hacking organization
> that looks for john dow in ohio (no offense to those in ohio).  And so
what if they get in your
> machine?  What would you loose?  Is it backed up in case of hardware
> I see this conversation going in the same old direction that most
secureiity sites get into.
> Thinking that the most elite secret hacking society is out there and
hacking every tom dick and
> harry.  Its just not the case.
> mrcorp
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