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Linda Ruiz linlu at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 21 18:35:51 GMT 2002

Greetings all, I have been lurking for a long time, finally have
something I might be able to contribute:
Susan said:
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Subject: [Dshield] Re: A few followup points
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Does anyone know if linux RH 7.2 requires netfs to load the xwindows
graphical interface? It would seem the machine wouldn't need it but it
doesn't seem to want to go away. I don't mount any network drives so
why would the machine be requiring it. I can still start it at the text
login from startx so obviously it's not truly required... 

I am a Linux newbie, we have a fw setup on RH Linux 7.1 or 7.2 - can't
remember off the top of my head.  It is version 3.0.  Version 1.0 was
hacked right away as we were running in XWindows - hey we learn quick. 
So v2.0 went up using runlevel 3 - no X, but networking.  We couldn't
find a way to turn off NFS in Caldera, nor RH as long as X was running.
 So anytime we want to run X, we unplug, reboot, login under rl 3, non
root account, then startx.  We try not to and my compadre has been able
to do everything now via a command line, so X is no longer required.

Another tip, we use removeable drives, and have at least two
identically h/w configured machines.  We always are building the next
version just in case we need to replace our linux box.  The machines
are lowly Pentium 133s, with maybe 16MB (overkill), and 4GB hard
drives.  Same VGA cards - our trusty ones.  Same NICs.  

When we build them, we disable all unecessary services from even
starting using the runlevel configurator, before the "machine" goes
into service.  That and we do custom installs, and uninstall any
additional pkgs that may have been required for installation.  We even
uninstall the compilers.  We never patch a machine once it's been
online.  We just replace it with an up-to-date freshly built one.  (Yes
we patch our freshly built ones (virgin to net) before we uninstall

ANytime we need to replace, we unplug cat5 cable, shutdown, power down,
then simply swap hard drives.  Really easy to work with this way.  As a
bonus, it makes it easier to sleep at night....

Linda :)

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