[Dshield] Unable to compile LaBrea2_4b2.tgz

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Fri Mar 22 19:17:56 GMT 2002

Unable to compile new Labrea2_4b2 properly.  Have all needed libraries 
in and ready to go, ran make, seemed to install but now I can't find it. 
Other libraries it originally called for on 'make' went in fine.

Trying to run make again, system says Labrea is uptodate. However its 
not in sbin. Locate cannot locate anything but the original package folder.

Linux newbie here too. How do I uninstall now if I can't find the 
install? where should I put package to install correctly?

help. hook set here, 5 mins from reeling the catch... need this in 
quick! Any thoughts on Couic?

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