[Dshield] subnets, labrea, and sunrpc

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Sun Mar 24 02:30:23 GMT 2002

Actually guys, concerning subnets, would you tell James yours via this line?

I uninstalled the previous version of labrea, probably should have left 
it in is the problem. Either that or other miscelleneous stuff, but it 
doesn't do make install, only make. I have no idea where it went, I 
looked in all those places.

Well I had to tighten this computer up first anyway, that was my first 
linux install and though pretty it wasn't real secure. Had to start 
somewhere...I fixed it hopefully, definitely it's tighter now... after 
noticing things I attempted to download were also disppearing to never 
never land I got the hint... sunrpc connecting to some 216.xxx (a google 
webbot?) address all day... what is sunrpc is probably a much better 

Something got in here hard the other night so I started over. After the 
desktop starts shaking... well I am sure you know the rest. It took them 
about 4 weeks this time though, as opposed to 20-48 hours on my windows 
machines. At least that's something. And that was a standard RH 7.2 
install with very little or no tweaking.

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