[Dshield] subnets, labrea, and sunrpc

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>doesn't do make install, only make. I have no idea where it went, I 
>looked in all those places.

"man slocate"
"man locate"
"man find"		 will prove useful

>Well I had to tighten this computer up first anyway, that was my first 
>linux install and though pretty it wasn't real secure. Had to start

true enough!:) RH is a nice distro but isn't real secure "out of the
box." Needs lots of hardening. 

>never land I got the hint... sunrpc connecting to some 216.xxx (a
>webbot?) address all day... what is sunrpc is probably a much better 

RPC = remote procedure call - protocol used for such items as
NFS-typically on port 111. Security wise a very commonly exploited
service. The bad boys & gals commonly scan the net for RPC111. I see
about 30+ hits per week on my firewall for 111.

A tremendous resource are the linux how tos and other guides at
http://www.linuxdoc.org .
For starters may I suggest a complete read of (in order given):


As to guides:

Linux System Admin Guide (Wirzenius et al)
Linux Network Admin's Guide (Kirch/Dawson)
Securing and Optimizing Linux RH Ed.

Also as per the excellent suggestion consider installing an
"off-the-shelf" firewall solution. An unsecured linux box (or any other)
on the net is both a nuisance to the net and a potential liability to
it's owner. While this is a newly developing area of law increasingly
the thinking is moving towards holding to some degree of liability the
owners/administrators of systems that are used to attack other systems.
And as disclaimers seem to be also necessary these days no I'm not a
lawyer and this isn't legal advise! :)

Lastly I always run an nmap scan on my own and clients' systems every
couple of weeks and always use one of the online scans for every new
install I do for clients.


Mike Shafer

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