[Dshield] Examine Who You Visit

Michael Shafer mbshafer at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 25 01:57:48 GMT 2002

>I cruise sites regularly, looking for interesting security software,
> & answers.  After one such session, I noticed a huge jump in blocked
>ts, bugs, ads and worms - so took a closer look.  I cleared logs, reset
>nters to zero and revisited four likely sites.  Each visit produced
zero - =
>until I went to VNUNET.  I used one five- minute and one four-minute
>n, to review security products, available downloads, etc.  The combined
>e-minute session produced a whopping block record of 112 scripts, 16
ads, 1=
>6 bugs, and 7 worms.  A total of 135 blocks.  I'm sure the products
there a=

I'm sure, as vnunet is a commonly referenced and quoted source that
infosec folks, not to mention vnunet, would be most appreciative of
being made aware of your findings.

Perhaps you'ld be so kind as to share what program reported the issues
you state? Sounds like a useful bit of code.

Likewise may I suggest you cc your finding to webmaster at vnunet.com .
Would be most interesting to see their response.


Michael Shafer

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