[Dshield] Exam Who U Visit Follow-up

Rick Rowerdink transrep at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 25 07:07:08 GMT 2002

Mind you I'm not picking of VNU.Net.  Most sources have privacy statements
that make no secret about info gathering.  In their case, it states they
collect the minimum and no personal information.  Amidst touting your
ability to control it - I see a method stated for removing personal
information from your files.  Privacy statements are double-talk.  I'll let
you experts examine the samples and tell me what minimum information means
here.  Conversely, Knowledge Storm "appears" minimal.  Other sites, like
GRC, Finjan and Crytome produce nothing to block.

I use a simple, cheap ($19.95) program called SpyStopper by NFO Works that
effectively blocks a host of intrusive info gathering.  With this icon on my
tool-bar I can evaluate the degree of the site's intrusiveness on the fly
and view a log.  Copy log data to a word document and it's resolved.  No
cookie reports because these are already blocked.  I also use GRC's free ID
Serve, to examine what a URL is using.  These two augmentations enhance my
goal of safe internet use and assessing privacy choices.  I should add that
since using SpyStopper, post-surfing related probes on my firewall have
nearly vanished.

Yes, I would copy VNUNET on my findings, but they already know what they're
doing and likely point you to their Privacy Statement that says so.  I'll
leave it to you to determine if the scope of the data warrants further
redress.  I think what shocked me was the sheer magnitude and those
classified as worms. I already control ads and spyware.  My personal
response to VNU.NET after closer examination is to simply find alternate
sources for info, products or services.  Those who don't share my particular
concern shouldn't be dissuaded - since they are a very valuable resource.  I
can thank Gibson's wrangle with RealNetworks for prompting me to pay closer
attention and start matching my privacy goals to procurement.  Regards, Rick

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