[Dshield] So my computer is a danger and you are a genius?

Susan pobox2 at pinn.net
Tue Mar 26 14:00:14 GMT 2002

Dear John Sage,

Perhaps you would explain why you would feel my computer, wide open or 
not, sitting behind a 600.00 soho unit made by one of the industries 
award winning manufacturers, is a danger while your computer is just 
fine and dandy?

 >She's a danger to all (as slight or as great a danger as a rooted box
might be..), now that she's been compromised.

 >Call me a masochist, if you will.

Are you sure you don't mean misogynist? Or do you spew hate and 
ignorance everywhere you go, not just at women?

Unfortunately I'm not here to write my life story or a history of my 
computer knowledge, neither am I here to give you all the specifics of 
my little network, my network addresses etc, which quite simply, John 
and James, are none of your business. However unlike you, I do read 
every post.

It's amazing even, I think it was one of you who called me paranoid 
several months back when I wrote in the first time and said I was 
getting hacked. I guess that would apply to everyone on this list?

Truth is even behind the worlds best firewall a system can still be 
crompromised via email and browser bugs like Mike and Rick mention. That 
is exactly what I've been saying all along. Yea, even behind a 700.00 
soho unit, someone logged onto my system, probably through a 
vulnverablity in the web browser, I was submitting a form online when it 

There's a big problem with piracy all over the web and hacks don't 
always use the front door, they even hijack websites/services etc.as 
Verisign is itself is enough proof of.

The real problem isn't here on my end, it lies with incompetent and 
dishonest webhosts and system administrators who help the problem along 
and don't warn the public because they might lose money if they do.

  The linux.org docs and others mentioned by others are excellent, I've 
been studying them for weeks.

Vunet crashes my browser if I try to use the site with downloads, 
cookies, and active scripting blocked. Best to go elsewhere...

Mike, the beta Labrea (*.4) does not do make install, it says so right 
in the readme. Locate, find, whereis, slocate, etc. really couldn't locate.

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