[Dshield] So my computer is a danger and you are a genius?

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Tue Mar 26 15:24:26 GMT 2002


On Tue, Mar 26, 2002 at 09:00:14AM -0500, Susan wrote:
> Dear John Sage,
> Perhaps you would explain why you would feel my computer, wide open or 
> not, sitting behind a 600.00 soho unit made by one of the industries 
> award winning manufacturers, is a danger while your computer is just 
> fine and dandy?


Try reading the newsgroup comp.os.linux.security, or
comp.security.unix for even a short time.

Without exception, _every_ time someone posts a message that indicates
their box has been rooted, the unanimous response from people on the
list who know what they're talking about is always:

1) disconnect your box from the Internet immediately.

2) do not try to "fix" it

3) do a full re-install from known, verifiable medium ie: a CD

4) do not reconnect to the Internet until the box is well secured.

5) when reconnected, install all patches for services exposed to the
outside immeditately.

This is _always_ the advice given..

>  >She's a danger to all (as slight or as great a danger as a rooted box
> might be..), now that she's been compromised.
>  >Call me a masochist, if you will.
> Are you sure you don't mean misogynist? Or do you spew hate and 
> ignorance everywhere you go, not just at women?

Nice try. 

Misogynist? Hardly.

I was marching in a picket line for a strike by the International
Ladies' Garment Worker's union in Los Angeles in 1968.

If you can't remember back that far, that was _before_ there was such
a thing as "Women's Rights" or "Women's Liberation"

But it's nice to have a crutch to lean on, I suppose, if you need one... 

I'm objecting to your relentless posting because there is no evidence:

1) that you have any idea how to post to a mail list such that your
posts maintain the continuity of the thread you are replying to

2) despite all the sincere, good efforts of _all_ the people who have
responded to you, quite sincerly, you continue to respond with
stream-of-conscious, free-association monologues that:

  a) suggest that you're only listening to yourself, and

  b) suggest that you're not learning a thing here, despite everyone's
     best efforts

Now you wander off into another digression, just as you so often do:

> Unfortunately I'm not here to write my life story or a history of my 
> computer knowledge, neither am I here to give you all the specifics of 
> my little network, my network addresses etc, which quite simply, John 
> and James, are none of your business. However unlike you, I do read 
> every post.
> It's amazing even, I think it was one of you who called me paranoid 
> several months back when I wrote in the first time and said I was 
> getting hacked. I guess that would apply to everyone on this list?
> Truth is even behind the worlds best firewall a system can still be 
> crompromised via email and browser bugs like Mike and Rick mention. That 
> is exactly what I've been saying all along. Yea, even behind a 700.00 
> soho unit, someone logged onto my system, probably through a 
> vulnverablity in the web browser, I was submitting a form online when it 
> happened.

Now, what does the following have to do with your initial post to me?

You're free-associating, again.

> There's a big problem with piracy all over the web and hacks don't 
> always use the front door, they even hijack websites/services etc.as 
> Verisign is itself is enough proof of.

Now you blame someone else for the fact your box got rooted:

> The real problem isn't here on my end, it lies with incompetent and 
> dishonest webhosts and system administrators who help the problem along 
> and don't warn the public because they might lose money if they do.

This is now a third topic...

>   The linux.org docs and others mentioned by others are excellent, I've 
> been studying them for weeks.

This is now a fourth topic...

> Vunet crashes my browser if I try to use the site with downloads, 
> cookies, and active scripting blocked. Best to go elsewhere...

This is now a fifth topic....

> Mike, the beta Labrea (*.4) does not do make install, it says so right 
> in the readme. Locate, find, whereis, slocate, etc. really couldn't locate.

I rest my case: you're talking to yourself...

...and listening to no one.

- John
In those days, you could not buy a $2000 200MHz Pentium server.

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