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Kelly Martin kellym at fb.org
Wed Mar 27 13:26:32 GMT 2002

Some of our affiliates are using ISA Server; they seem to have the largest
number of problems accessing resources on our network, problems which have
generally been traced to interference by ISA Server.  I am, frankly,
skeptical about the merits of this product.


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> And is anyone else out there even USING ISA server?  I've not seen it
> mentioned in this group.  We're in the dark ages here, using MS Proxy
> 2.0 running on NT 4.0.  I'm going upgrade ASAP and am thinking of moving
> to ISA.  It's been recommended to me as a good product that will run
> well with our Windows 2000/Active Directory network.  We're small, only
> about 20 users, and I'm the only IT resource (in other words I'm all
> alone here with a lot to do).
> Bob Savage

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