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Kelly Martin kellym at fb00.fb.org
Wed Mar 27 22:42:32 GMT 2002

I merely offer a datapoint.  Readers are free to draw their own conclusions.

I am also skeptical about the merits of the software after reading
Microsoft's promotional literature.  But that's in part because I am
generally disdainful of Microsoft software, especially when advertised for
"security" purposes, and because some of their claims are of questionable
veracity.  It's almost as they were ignorant of the capabilities of a Cisco
PIX Firewall, which is really inexcusable for anyone marketing a security
product.  And I definitely flinch at the price tag, which makes PIXen look


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> KM> Some of our affiliates are using ISA Server; they seem to have the
> largest
> KM> number of problems accessing resources on our network, problems which
> have
> KM> generally been traced to interference by ISA Server.  I am, frankly,
> KM> skeptical about the merits of this product.
> Given the complexity of installing and configuring a security/proxy
> system, I would say that one exemple is far from being enough to
> judge, in particular if you have no direct experience yourself...
> After all, even setting up SQUID could result in a malfunctioning
> communication...
> Good luck,
> Stephane
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