[Dshield] Tracking and Reporting Probes

Bill McCarty bmccarty at apu.edu
Thu Mar 28 02:36:26 GMT 2002

Hi John,

I did my analysis the hard way, because I wanted specific data and I find 
Unix fun <grin>.

I generally use a modified version of the Perl script available at 
<http://people.opera.com/sverrest/LaBrea/LaBrea-stats.py.html>. My system 
runs it daily and mails me the result.

The script lines

> myip = '213 141 139'
> logfile = '/var/log/daemon.log'

almost certainly need revision. Further revisions are a matter of personal 
taste <grin>. I don't even recall what I hacked and why. Actually, since I 
don't find any scars in the script or original versions of the script, it's 
possible I didn't hack it any further than neccessary.


--On Wednesday, March 27, 2002 5:25 PM -0800 John Hardin 
<johnh at aproposretail.com> wrote:

> Anybody want to take a hack at a LaBrea log analyzer?

Bill McCarty

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