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Rick Rowerdink transrep at adelphia.net
Fri Mar 29 05:12:59 GMT 2002

Clear DayMike was interested in responses to a previous post concerning
intrusive script or bugs on websites. [Mar. Examine Who You Visit]  I
mentioned my VNU.Net findings to Webmaster and offered samples found at
Webmaster, with my opinion of tying privacy to procurement - Here's what the
Pres. says:
Your point is well taken, what you have been visiting is the "antiques"
corner, pages in some cases that have been there in one form or another on
the web since 1997, those are all the pages in which there are
"linkexchange/bCentral" banners. You know in 1997 Linkexchange with those
now dreaded banners (I have come to hate them too and all the "newer" pages
don't have any ads except for the Zap Zone Network bug
which I will eventually take off and the Extreme bug which we use as
developers to gather and harvest information about mostly the country of
origin as well as technical information, browsers/screen width/bits per
pixels .), you see we can't think about supporting most browsers unless we
know of them. And I can tell you that I know I have had 361 visitors with
WebTV (so I'm including WebTV in my tests) and 1 with AmigaVoyager 2 (so
unfortunately I won't support it at this time.).

Enough technicality, you can use filters if you are afraid of leaving a
trace on the web, but I can assure you a site like communication.org is
"harvesting" much more benign information than all doubleclicks of the world
which are trying to match your "net identity" with huge consumer databases,
and we're strongly against spam too (having built our own filters which has
2K+ rules so far and growing daily),

Anyway, thanks for the note, we will eventually start removing banners on
the site, but you can't expect global changes within days. As for the bug I
will simply reinstate that since I don't have access to server logs I have
to use (albeit a bit intrusive javascript) in order to know
technical data about you and our visitors in general, still you probably
left a lot more detailed information by sharing your name with me?

F. Collin

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Not too sure about the "antiques" corner of the site - I  went from one end
to other.    Regards. Rick

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