[Dshield] Firewall Poll...

fkamp@attbi.com fkamp at attbi.com
Sat Mar 30 16:44:34 GMT 2002

That seems to be a lot of protection software.  I am sure it
all needs to be running concurrently to be effective.  I
also suspect that there is redundant protection between all
that software.

Some of us have computers that were 'state of the art' five
or more years ago.  Some of these 'obsolete' machines slow
down noticably when asked to do much more than walk and chew
gum at the same time. 

Can anyone out there advise as to the minimum requirements
of good protection software?  Or is more always better and I
just need a faster computer? 

Frank Kamp

Foo wrote:
>The protection than I run for my puter is:
>     *Norton Personal Firewall     "I also flip back and forth to:"
>         *ZoneAlarm Pro (registered)
>     *Norton Anti Virus ( I hate McAfee)
>     *VisualZone Report Utility (how I found you)
>     *Spyblocker (for extra added security)

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