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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Sat Mar 30 17:08:43 GMT 2002

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> Can anyone out there advise as to the minimum requirements
> of good protection software?  

Let me take a shot at that:

The most effective protection (as in 'bang for your buck') is
to switch off unneeded services (e.g. Windows File Sharing) and
to obey safe computing practices ('dont take candy (=software)
from strangers).

The next thing I would install is a virus checker. It will protect
you against a lot of the random viruses you get in everydays email.

Next in line would be a personal firewall. One is enough. I think
the latest version of ZoneAlarm Pro also includes some privacy 

If you are very concerned about privacy, you can also use a service
like 'Anonymizer.com' to browse.

It realy depends very much on what you want to do. If you want to
get as close as possible to 'set it and forget it' security,
get Norton Anti Virus and Zonealarm. If you want to learn what
TCP/IP, Firewalls and such are all about, get a Linux box.

With respect to what is more secure: Don't just look at various 
tests and such. Personally, I think a Linux/BSD firewall is probably as 
secure as it gets, IF it is setup right, which is difficult. A standard
install with ZoneAlarm is probably more secure than a badly maintained 
Linux firewall.

(Personally: I run Linux as a firewall on a dedicated machine)

Or is more always better and I
> just need a faster computer? 
> Thanks,
> Frank Kamp
> Foo wrote:
> > 
> >
> >The protection than I run for my puter is:
> > 
> >     *Norton Personal Firewall     "I also flip back and forth to:"
> >         *ZoneAlarm Pro (registered)
> >     *Norton Anti Virus ( I hate McAfee)
> >     *VisualZone Report Utility (how I found you)
> >     *Spyblocker (for extra added security)
> >
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