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There is alot of firewall software out there that you can get. It mostly
depends on the persons preferance if they like the functionality of that
paticuler software (if its easy for them, more funtions, etc...). According
to ZDNet and CNet: Norton, McAfee and ZoneAlarm are the best choices in
comparision to other firewalls on the market (considering they are the main
leading compation).

To your concern for more software running or a faster machine:
First, two things you should look at.
1) I would see how much RAM you have left when running your applications in
the background. Yes more is better and does increase performance.
2) Would have to be System Resources. The more resources you use, the more
your puter gets boggy. If the resources are too low you will freeze or
crash. All applications running in the background use some sort of system
resources. Some more than others. I do remember that ZoneAlarm uses 10% of
those resources (can't remember the others). 10% doesn't seem alot, but take
a look and you will see that it actually does : (  All I can tell you is to
try to keep your self in the safe zone of system resources as much as
possible. The only way to free system resources is to close apps in the back
ground is by Ctrl + Alt + Del.

You might want to look for external firewalls that run within there own
system. Granted, they are a pretty pennie. That option might be more
effective to system resources and ram. most big corperations use these type
of devices. Although I can't think of any names of any of them off hand.

First rule that should be applied before puchaseing firewalls, is info.
always get as much info on the product and shop around with other products
and compare to see if thats what you need for your needs.


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> That seems to be a lot of protection software.  I am sure it
> all needs to be running concurrently to be effective.  I
> also suspect that there is redundant protection between all
> that software.
> Some of us have computers that were 'state of the art' five
> or more years ago.  Some of these 'obsolete' machines slow
> down noticably when asked to do much more than walk and chew
> gum at the same time.
> Can anyone out there advise as to the minimum requirements
> of good protection software?  Or is more always better and I
> just need a faster computer?
> Thanks,
> Frank Kamp
> Foo wrote:
> >
> >
> >The protection than I run for my puter is:
> >
> >     *Norton Personal Firewall     "I also flip back and forth to:"
> >         *ZoneAlarm Pro (registered)
> >     *Norton Anti Virus ( I hate McAfee)
> >     *VisualZone Report Utility (how I found you)
> >     *Spyblocker (for extra added security)
> >
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