[Dshield] vi

Stacy Millions stacy at millions.ca
Wed May 1 03:18:53 GMT 2002

John Hardin wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 04:29, Justin Smith wrote:
>>Can someone put me on the right track of what my company (which employees
>>over 500 people in our centre alone), should be using?  Should someone
>>just code a basic text editor that will open a file, and close it?
> less/more/pg (any read-only file viewer) would be a better solution yet.
> Using an editor to just *view* content is a bad habit to get into.
> Worst case, they could do something like "export SHELL=/dev/null" before
> firing off vi.

Should do that anyway, since less and more also have shell escapes.

And yes, this is WAY off topic for this list.


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