[Dshield] Switched from ipchains -> iptables ... some questions.

Ryan Johnson rjohnson at espgroup.net
Thu May 2 13:16:35 GMT 2002

I personally really like iptables. The syntax is very similar to that of
ipchains, but the how the packets move through the chains is considerably
That will probably be the most noticeable difference and the most important
( your rules will be considerably different).
Read about it here
I can not stress
If you are happy with the capabilities of ipchains, then iptables may not be
worth it. However iptables has quite a few new capabilities, that I feel are
worth the trouble.
I highly recomend the book Linux Firewalls 2ndEd by New Riders for getting
started with iptables.

Good luck,

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> Clint,
> I'm still debating (don't mess with it if it works !!) the switch from
> IPChains to IPTables.
> I'd appreciate any comments / problems encountered etc., to aid my final
> decision.
> If anyone else has experienced this change I'd also appreciate comments.
> As this is "slightly OT" please reply to g.dodd at falk-ross.de
> Many thanks,
> Graham
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> Ok, I've made the move from ipchains to iptables. I have been messing
> with DShield.py.. and it looks like that will be fine for doing this. My
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