[Dshield] Problem with outlook express inbox.dbx

Alonzo Hess Jr Alonzo.Hess at uavco.com
Thu May 2 16:21:40 GMT 2002

   A 1.91gb inbox is a pretty large file. I've seen them become corrupt at a
much smaller size. But anyway on to the fix(es). 1)First try to highlight
the inbox and then from the top menu choose ->File ->Folder ->Compact. This
does just what you would think. Compact the folder, but it will also try to
correct any problems that it might find. This method works about 25% of the
time. If you get an error compacting the folder then try the next step.
2)Close Outlook Express. In the same folder as your inbox.dbx file you will
find a file named 'folders.dbx'. This is a file that keeps track of all the
mail folders that you have (inbox, outbox, etc.). You can rename this file
to 'folders.old' and then start OE. OE will scan that folder and create a
new 'folders.dbx' file. If you see the messages in your inbox, then you had
a corrupt 'folders.dbx' file. If you can't, then during the scan OE will
create another inbox.dbx file. Don't worry your old one will still be there
named 'inbox(1).dbx'. At this point your only recourse is to download a
program called 'DBXtract'. You can find the file here:
http://chattanooga.net/~scochran/DBXtract.htm . This will extract the emails
from that .dbx file. You will have a bunch of .eml files and they will have
the date of the extraction on them, but it's better than losing everything.
  If you need anymore help or if that doesn't work for some reason you can
contact me off list.


> Hi All,
> I've a problem with my outlook express inbox.dbx, I cant see any messages
> but it say the capacity is 1.91GB.
> I've tried with the Inbox repair tool on Windows NT but still I can't see
> any of my mails, they are not visible at all........
> Anybody have got any ideas?
> Thanks
> Divagaran

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