[Dshield] LaBrea -> DShield

Thomas Liston tliston at premmag.com
Thu May 2 23:04:48 GMT 2002

I'm in the process of wrapping up the current beta of LaBrea (v2.4) 
and taking it to release.  I have a few issues in Win2K support to 
iron out, but it's close...

Perhaps the most significant addition though, as far as I'm 
concerned, is a separate program, LaBrea::Tarpit, a perl "reporting" 
module for LaBrea written by Michael Robinton. LaBrea is run under 
its control, and it generates incredible real-time stats on exactly 
what is currently going on in your tarpit as well as past trends.  
Far more significantly though, it has the capability to report all 
illicit activity to DShield.  I've been running it over the past 
week, and my tiny 100+ address tarpit has generated ~85,000 lines of 

If you're running LaBrea, all I can say is: get it.  Close the loop.  
On my site, the new slogan is: "Slow 'em down, stop 'em, rat 'em 


Tom Liston, GSEC
Network Administrator
Prem Magnetics, Inc.
tliston at premmag.com
tliston at hackbusters.net

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