[Dshield] APNIC and KRNIC Network attacks

Grant Thurman Grant at Netprecision.Net
Wed May 8 16:22:20 GMT 2002

I have blocked "most" all Kornet traffic (I thought), attacks were still
taking place, so I sent the following email to KRNIC and APNIC, a very nice
guy named Gerard Ross sent me a reply from APNIC (Sort of a shock), I
attached  Gerard Ross's reply following my message, interesting to say the
least, KRNIC never responded which is normal for them anyway:


As a company that is spamed and attacked every day from the Kornet IP blocks
I was wondering what if anything APNIC is doing about the problem. I know
that you have made it very clear that you are innocent of all wrong doing,
that you only provide IP blocks, however Kornet does get it's IP's from


Hello Grant

Thank you for your enquiry.

APNIC is not able to police the conduct of netowrk operators. That is
outside the scope APNIC's mandate. However, we do realise that spam and
other forms of network abuse are a major problem. Indeed, APNIC is the
target of a great deal of spam. Speaking personally, on some days, the
spam in my own inbox outnumbers legitimate mails by 20-30 to 1.

So, APNIC does take steps in the areas where it is able. For starters,
if we receive reports of invalid contact addresses, we seek better
registration information. If the invalid contacts relate to entries in
the databases of National Internet Registries, we pass those complaints
through to the relevant registry.

On a broader level, at APNIC meetings, we openly canvass the issues of
network abuse discuss strategies for fighting the abuse, including
encouraging network operators to secure their systems more effectively.

At a network abuse session at a previous APNIC meeting, KRNIC (the
National Internet Registry for Korea) reported that it had begun
discussion with the Korean government relating to network abuse and was
setting up a protocol for cooperation on fighting abuse within Korea.
At that session, people from various countries were able to express
their opinions of network abuse issues within that region.

Recently, the Korean government announced that it was strengthening
anti-spam laws, in part because of the damage that such activity was
doing to the reputation of the Internet industry in Korea. I noted in a
newspaper report this week that several spam operators were being
prosecuted by the Korean government.

To summarise, although APNIC is not able to directly intervene in cases
of network abuse, it is able to help facilitate discussion of
strategies to prevent abuse. However, it remains a major worldwide
problem and there are no quick fixes.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

- Gerard Ross


Gerard Ross, Documentation Manager                  <gerard at apnic.net>
APNIC                                               ph +61 7 3858 3100
http://www.apnic.net                                fx +61 7 3858 3199

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