[Dshield] Line testing??

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Find a nice and speedy FTP server (like, perhaps ftp.uu.net) and download a
big file.  A fast laptop (ethernet speed more than CPU) should be able to
fully load a T-1 connection.  However, you possibly (probably) want to test
the line or firewall/switches in front of the line with multiple clients
doing large transfers simultaneously--that would require more than one node.
The value of such a test is questionable, but it's something a friend of
mine was just talking about so...

I found this off of google, and seems to have lots of little testing
utilities for different things, so you might find it useful:


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I'm moving our office in a few weeks and having new T-1 installed tomorrow.
Does anyone have any good utilities to do some load testing on the line?
I've done it in the past by hooking up a few nodes and pulling audio and
video for a few hours but I'm unable to do that this time because the space
is still being built out.  I'm only going to be able to hook up one lonely

TIA, Paul 

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