[Dshield] OT China Connection ?

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at sans.org
Thu May 9 00:07:21 GMT 2002

> Johannes, what is the list policy on commercial posts and UCE?

Sandy is a long time list member and has contributed to it in
the past. I let the post pass because 
(1) it was clearly identified as commercial.
(2) it was (somewhat) relevant to my original post.

I did see a second post from Sandy later which I probably
should not have aproved. But it did answer a users question.

Overall regarding commercial services:
Commercial posts are ok if they are on topic, in particular if
they answer a question posed by someone else (I know people
sometimes fake these 'question' and 'answer' sessions).

Other posters to the list are of course free to voice their
opinions regarding products mentioned (please do so tactful and
fact based).

Personally, you may have seen throughout DShield, that I avoid
recommending any particular firewall/vendor over any others.
My initial post (hardware firewall) was clearly meant as a joke.
Sure. I have my opinions about vendors trying to reinvent DShield
and doing to sloppy instead of just collaborating with us. But thats
a topic for a discussion in private. I don't have the time to 
evaluate different firewalls thoroughly enough to make a fact based
recommendation as to which one is better or worse.

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