[Dshield] Windows Startup Password?

Wayne Beckham wbeckham at co.riverside.ca.us
Thu May 9 15:21:37 GMT 2002

Has anyone run across this and, if so, have any suggestions?

After an employee was terminated a particular server was found to sprout a "windows startup password."  This is before reaching the UserId/Password and after Win2K loads.  The operation appears similar to Blackboard Software's "WinLock" program.

None of the Network services load and the machine is not accessible from the network.

The machine is an older box, but has critical data for a particular department.  Normally, I'd grab the drives and recover them in another PC, but this is a REALLY old machine and we don't have spare servers laying around.

Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated.

- Wayne

Wayne Beckham
LAN Administrator
Riverside County

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