[Dshield] Functionality of WINXP built-in firewall

Lisa Yeo Lisa.Yeo at assembly.ab.ca
Thu May 9 19:13:43 GMT 2002

I have very minimal experience with it--used it for a very short time.

It is simple to set up--from the advanced tab on the Network properties
dialogue.  It is limited in it's functionality, though.  You can tell it
you host an ftp or web or other server so it will allow the traffic. 
But, there doesn't seem to be a way to fine tune rules...('web traffic
from this host only is OK', etc.).  Also, if you need to use VPN, this
product won't work for you.  It says it won't work in the documentation,
and it really doesn't work (I stopped believing MS documentation long

Oh, and it does provide logging.

If you want more information, let me know and I'll look it up tonight. 
I don't have an XP machine here at work.


>>> tony.carothers at lifestreamtech.com 05/09/02 11:22am >>>
Has anybody had any first hand experience with the WINXP built-in
The idea was kicked down to me to review for remote users.  Management
to consider using it as a cost saving measure in the bid to shore up
security for the company, and all users.


Tony Carothers
Network/Systems Administrator
tcarothers at lifestreamtech.com 

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