[Dshield] What should I do next

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
Fri May 10 13:18:13 GMT 2002

I have had similar problems alerting network admins to the presence of
Nimda-infected hosts.  Two domains, oz.net and hqglobal.net, have caused me
the most problems.  I have found that, in some cases, it helps to do a
traceroute to the infected host, then notify the network admin for the
domain AND cc their upstream.

BTW, what you are seeing isn't that wierd.  Probably a DSL or other
broadband connection w/ a static IP (like me).  Not too surprising, as it
makes little sense to run a web server (remember, Nimda infects machines
running IIS) on a dynamic IP, unless you are also using Dynamic DNS (and
then, IMHO, it still doesn't make sense.)

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> I have sent him this information four times without a response. I just
> he is not interested. The wierd part is that it has happened almost
> at different times using the same IP's everytime.

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