[Dshield] New Security Function Tools

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Fri May 10 14:55:25 GMT 2002

What operating system(s)?

Or are we to assume Micro$oft?

(Has it really come to that: by definition, all computers run
Micro$oft products. Period. The question doesn't even need to be

- John
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On Fri, May 10, 2002 at 09:49:38AM -0400, Olsen, Richard wrote:
> We are beginning to really emphasize (my new assignment) security functions
> for our Internet and application servers which have grown from 3 to 50
> servers in the last year and a half or so. At this point we have almost no
> tools. My manager has some year-end money that needs to be committed this
> month and offered it for security tools. Can anyone recommend a basic set of
> tools or point me to a place to seek this? Basically, we're the technology
> behind state.va.us including applications and databases. So we're looking at
> URLScan for starters, but all advise is appreciated.  Thanks kindly.
> Richard

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