[Dshield] New Security Function Tools

Jeffrey Pike jpike at gpl.org
Fri May 10 15:40:43 GMT 2002

> My manager has some year-end money that needs to be
> committed this month and offered it for security tools.
> Can anyone recommend a basic set of tools or point me
> to a place to seek this?


Here's what I use in addition to URLScan. My operation is a lot
smaller than yours (one NT 4.0 server and 29 Win98 clients,
IIS 4.0, no mail server), but some of it may still apply.

hfnetchk - free tool from Microsoft that checks NT, 2000, and XP
           for current patch status.
windowsupdate.microsoft.com - patch status

>From messages posted on Dshield, hfnetchk and windowsupdate aren't
foolproof, but they help.

IISlockdown tool - also free from Microsoft, configurable utility
                   that lets you shut down unneeded IIS features.
Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition
3Com OfficeConnect firewall - only allows HTTP in.

I also subscribe to Microsoft's security bulletin and Johannes's
vuln mailing lists.

Jeffrey Pike
Technology Services Librarian
Groton Public Library
Groton, MA
jpike at gpl.org

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