[Dshield] Windows Startup Password?

Richard Stead richard.stead at bigpond.com
Sat May 11 00:26:18 GMT 2002


    I have a tool which I can send you off line. It should enable you to
reset the password to one of your choice. It will require taking the server
offline for approx 5 minutes total, as you need to boot from a floppy disk
for this operation.
If your interested, drop me your email address at richard.stead at bigpond.com

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From: "Wayne Beckham" <wbeckham at co.riverside.ca.us>
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Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 1:21 AM
Subject: [Dshield] Windows Startup Password?

> Has anyone run across this and, if so, have any suggestions?
> After an employee was terminated a particular server was found to sprout a
"windows startup password."  This is before reaching the UserId/Password and
after Win2K loads.  The operation appears similar to Blackboard Software's
"WinLock" program.
> None of the Network services load and the machine is not accessible from
the network.
> The machine is an older box, but has critical data for a particular
department.  Normally, I'd grab the drives and recover them in another PC,
but this is a REALLY old machine and we don't have spare servers laying
> Any assistance at all would be greatly appreciated.
> - Wayne
> Wayne Beckham
> LAN Administrator
> Riverside County
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