[Dshield] http "get x" requests?

Brenna Primrose drxlecter at phreaker.net
Sun May 12 08:03:38 GMT 2002

I'm not sure what you're asking, but this *is* the line from our HTTPD
log file.  Your "client" ( scanned all of our servers with
the "GET x" line.  Here are lines from the log files: rainbow.creigthon.edu - [10/May/2002:13:45:51 -0500] "GET x
HTTP/1.0" 400 887 "" "" gsa.creighton.edu - [10/May/2002:13:45:52 -0500] "GET x
HTTP/1.0" 400 2498 "" "" drxlecter - [10/May/2002:13:46:13 -0500] "GET x HTTP/1.0"
400 887 "" ""

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where is the log that confirms our client involvement...???
Get x is method that client was triggered to the server

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